Lipsticks + FIORE mesh head appliers!

I’ve been working on reworking some of my previous releases to improve textures.  I’ve updated the Ombre Kiss Lipstick set; I re-did the textures and added 2 more colors to the set.  If you’ve purchased it in the past, I’ll be sending a redelivery soon.  If you don’t receive it, you can always use the redelivery terminal located at the landing point.

LIVIA Ombre Kiss Lipstick

LIVIA Ombre Kiss Lipstick (Product Update!)

Today’s NEW release is Glimmer Shine Lipstick.   Now, I’ve made this set to include the usual Tattoo Layers and Appliers (Omega, Sweetlips, Loud Mouth, & Lelutka).  But I’ve also modified the textures to fit the Fiore mesh heads (sold at Fiore)!  The Fiore sets are sold separately because the mesh uses a totally different UV layout than the default SL template and there’s a little more work involved with making them.



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