Lipstick Updates

Hi lovelies!

If you’ve been to the in-world store lately, you’ve probably noticed that some of the older lipstick sets have been updated.  The textures were updated to cover more of the lip area for a more natural appearance on a variety of skins.

Catwa appliers were also added for use with all Catwa mesh heads.  Fiore appliers will be added to some sets as well (Fiore heads are awesome, btw!).

I’ll also be phasing out Sweet Lips appliers since those lips are Omega compatible (the Omega install kit is required for Sweet Lips, which is sold separately at Omega Solutions).  Go here for instructions on installing Omega for Sweet Lips.

If you’ve purchased either set in the past, you should have received a re-delivery (or you can use the re-delivery terminal in the store). However, the newly added appliers are sold separately in the store.

Updated lipsticks:
Kissable Gloss & Sensual Shine Lipstick (3 new colors added!)


Shop :: LIVIA


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