Makeup FAQ’s

Basic Makeup Info

Not all sets include all of the following appliers, so please read the ad info before purchasing.

Makeup appearance may vary depending on your skin and eye shape!

Tattoo Layers work with the default Second Life avatar head.

Lelutka appliers are designed to work with Lelutka brand mesh heads; purchased at Lelutka.

Fiore appliers are designed to work with Fiore brand mesh
heads; purchased at Fiore.

Catwa appliers are designed to work with Catwa brand mesh heads; purchased at Catwa.

Genesis 3.0 appliers are designed to work with Genesis 3.0 Bento mesh heads; purchased at Genesis Labs.

Omega makeup layer appliers are designed to work with Omega enabled mesh heads. Some mesh heads come with Omega support already installed.

If the Omega supported product you own doesn’t have Omega pre-installed, you’ll need to purchase an Omega Install Kit/Relay HUD in order to use makeup appliers. Omega kits can be purchased at the Omega Solutions main store.  (Kits are L$50 for Omega Support group members).

The following are some products that currently support Omega & have been tested with LIVIA products:

  • Catwa mesh heads (requires relay HUD; purchased separately)
  • [GA.EG] mesh heads (requires relay HUD; purchased separately)
  • LOGO mesh heads (Omega is pre-installed; no relay/kit required)
  • Slink Visage (requires install kit; purchased separately)
  • AK heads (requires relay HUD; purchased separately)
  • LAQ mesh heads (Omega is pre-installed; no relay/kit required)

See the full list of supported mesh products here: Omega Supported Meshes
Omega Installation Help

How to use makeup appliers:

Unpack your LIVIA makeup purchase.  Inside the unpackaged folder, you will find the makeup HUD for your compatible mesh product.  Wear (Right click > Add) the HUD to attach it to your screen.  Once it’s attached, click on your desired makeup color to apply it.

Omega Applier HUD:

Use one of the three buttons associated with each color to apply.
D (Default) :: H (Hud Control) :: A (All Layers)
Results will vary by product, but in most cases the D (Default) button should work fine.

Eyeshadow Applier Help:

Below are some common issues and fixes for applying eyeshadow to various mesh heads:

Catwa eyeshadow has white/blacked out area: Attach the Main HUD that came with your Catwa head. Select the “Eyes-Brows” tab. Then click on the “Blend/Mask” button to toggle it a couple of times.  It should be set to “Blend”.

Lelutka eyeshadow has white/blacked out area: Attach the Main HUD that came with your Lelutka head. Slide the eyeshadow “Blend” slider to the left (very slightly) to control the opacity of the makeup layer.

Fiore eyeshadow doesn’t appear: Attach the “Head Hair & Lash HUD” that came with your Fiore head. In the eyelash panel on the bottom right, click on the Mask button beside Alpha Mode.