Lipsticks / Nails Release!

Hi lovelies! I’ve been busy behind the scenes getting a new location setup for the store.  The old store was getting so crowded; I needed more room! So, update your landmarks (TP: LIVIA New Location).

New releases today include the ‘Maya Lipstick’ set.  This set comes with Tattoo Layers & Appliers (Omega, Loud Mouth, Sweetlips, Lelutka).  Fiore appliers are sold separately. Nail releases include Glow, Royalty, and Kiwi nail sets.  I’m also participating in the Black Dot Project this month (June 11 – July 4) with an exclusive nail set, Watermelon nails. Mmmm!

Hope you enjoy!

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Thrift Shop — Sales!

Hey lovelies! LIVIA is participating in the Thrift Shop 13.0 sales event this month (May 8 – 28).  It’s a full sim of 50% items from some amazing designers!

LIVIA’s new release for the event is called Silk Lipsticks.  The lipsticks are available in individual color palettes or in a fatpack. TP to Thrift Shop 13.0!

LIVIA Silk Lipsticks

LIVIA Silk Lipsticks :: 50% off @ Thrift Shop (May 8-28)

Lipsticks + FIORE mesh head appliers!

I’ve been working on reworking some of my previous releases to improve textures.  I’ve updated the Ombre Kiss Lipstick set; I re-did the textures and added 2 more colors to the set.  If you’ve purchased it in the past, I’ll be sending a redelivery soon.  If you don’t receive it, you can always use the redelivery terminal located at the landing point.

LIVIA Ombre Kiss Lipstick

LIVIA Ombre Kiss Lipstick (Product Update!)

Today’s NEW release is Glimmer Shine Lipstick.   Now, I’ve made this set to include the usual Tattoo Layers and Appliers (Omega, Sweetlips, Loud Mouth, & Lelutka).  But I’ve also modified the textures to fit the Fiore mesh heads (sold at Fiore)!  The Fiore sets are sold separately because the mesh uses a totally different UV layout than the default SL template and there’s a little more work involved with making them.


New Releases: Spring Pastel Gloss & Nails PROMO + Striped Claw Nails

Hey lovelies! This week I bring to you the Spring Pastel Lipgloss & Nails set to celebrate the arrival of spring!! This set will be 50% for a limited time only.

Also new is the Striped Claw nail set. In the left picture below I’m wearing the Belleza mesh body.  I just love the way the pointed nail looks on it! Belleza user can use the Omega HUD (installer script required; sold separately – read more about that here).


February Hunt + Event Goodies!

Check out the newest lipstick set called Deep Matte.  This set includes 6 sexy, matte lip colors.  Included with the set are tattoo layers and appliers (Sweetlips, Omega, Loud Mouth, & Lelutka).

Lipstick Update: I’ve updated all lipstick sets to include Lelutka appliers.  I’ve updated the Omega scripts in a few of the older sets too.

LIVIA Deep-Matte Lipstick

LIVIA Deep-Matte Lipstick :: L$35

Also up for grabs are some hunt prizes & event exclusives!  LIVIA is participating in the following February hunts:

Vintage Valentine (Feb 1 – Feb 29) * This hunt is a little bit different; you can either buy the gift beside the hunt poster for L$25 or you can search for the hidden object and buy for L$1.
Stupid Cupid hunt 4 (Feb 3 – Feb 29)

There will also be EXCLUSIVE nail applier sets available at the Truth or Dare Affair shopping event (Feb 6 – Feb 27)!

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Kissable Lipgloss :: Valentines Day Promo

I made a new lipgloss set in anticipation of Valentines Day and they’re available at a promo price of L$10.  These lips are so cute and kissable! ❤ They come with classic tattoo layers and appliers.

UPDATE 1/25/2016: I’ve updated this set to include Lelutka appliers.  I’m in the process of updating all previous lipsticks to include Lelutka appliers as well. 🙂

LIVIA Kissable Gloss

LIVIA Kissable Gloss :: Valentines Promo :: L$10

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